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What is F-time?

F-time organises and manages a wide range of events to provide you with valuable experiences. We believe that food is the foundation of culture, and with the goal of multiculturalism, we organise cross-cultural exchange meetings, cooking classes, wine seminars, Japanese culture seminars and foreign language classes through food. Alternatively, guests can organise their own events in which they themselves play a leading role. Birthday parties, special occasion parties, sleepovers and much more are possible. We can accommodate family, friends and special people for all kinds of occasions.

Would you enrich your mind through experiences and interactions that can only be had here?

List of Services

Based on the concept that 'food is the foundation of culture', the company sells and markets imported food, operates rental spaces equipped with high-functional system kitchens, and organises and manages various events.


Classes are held on the theme of food, including classes to learn about exotic cuisines and Japanese food culture.


1-10-42, Ebien, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima 731-5135

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